Asian Food

The Much Needed Asian Trend

In the past years the Asian culture has become more and more popular in Romania, as evidenced by the increasing number of Asian restaurants that have opened in Bucharest. As the country’s capital, Bucharest is offering a much larger variety of Asian specific restaurants than the other cities, which preserves the authentic flavour of the dishes. In the following pages we will present some of the Asian-specific restaurants that have won the hearts of those who visited them, locals and visitors alike.


Contemporary thai cuisine in Bucharest

Kunnai is a Thai contemporary cuisine retreat in the heart of Bucharest. A hidden piece of modern Thailand in the midst of Eastern Europe, Kunnai offers an intricate variety of Thai dishes, carefully designed and crafted by Anne Ampawan and Chef Songrit. 

Recommended menu:
Authentic vegetarian spring rolls, typical chicken satay, northern curry sausage, fish spring rolls, spicy & sour chicken salad or spicy salad with grilled pork tom yam koong soup, green curry with chicken, stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, stir fried noodles with vegetable, fried noodles with marinated pork, dep fried banana by Chef TJ.

Zen Garden

Best chinese cuisine in Bucharest

At Zen Garden, Chinese cuisine carefully selected by Chef Li Wei, will offer an unforgettable culinary experience, Asian flavors will take you to another dimension of your senses.

Wishing to create a restaurant with authentic Chinese food, the  menu has been well thought out and includes recipes from all four regions of China: Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang and the northern region. All these regions brought new elements in the Chinese kitchen, each one of them being different from another.

The restaurant has 200 seats, organised in 7 elegant and refined salons and a beautiful terrace, all in the center of the capital.


Japanese steakhouse & sushi bar, Bucharest

Part of the Benihana International Restaurant chain, which celebrates 55 years since the opening of the first New York restaurant, founded by Rocky Aoki.

Benihana reconstructs the oriental brand identity through traditional Japanese details such as genuine ceramics and kimonos, and offers its customers live cooking experiences including teppanyaki as well as a creative sushi bar.

The Japanese restaurant, under the leadership of Ashlie Dias, Executive Chef at the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel, proposes a menu consisting of traditional recipes based on shrimp, beef, duck and lobster.

Old Shanghai


The restaurant’s design, inspired from Chinese culture along with chef Yan Haijiao dishes, originate from Shanghai with an experience of over 15 years in the kitchen and the best possible location, in the historic centre of Brasov, are the strengths of this restaurant which will certainly not disappoint.


Japanese home dining, Bucharest

YUKI welcomes you to experience the true “flavours” of Japan!

Authentic Japanese home dishes slowly prepared and politely served by a dedicated team. Named after the restaurant’s owner and chef, Yuki is a place where you can find the real Japanese cuisine.

The menu is carefully selected and pays close attention to the quality of the ingredients. Here they prepare their homemade ‘dashi’ broth and most of the sauces with natural ingredients.