Sighisoara Citadel The only still inhabited medieval fortress in Southeast Europe

Sighişoara is a small piece of the world that has managed to trick time; a part of Romania that speaks today about the beauty and dignity of our country as well as Europe’s history. Ever since early childhood, our dreams have been fed with stories in which tall houses, beautiful clock towers and skilled craftsmen were weaving together enchanted tales transposing us into a colorful world belonging to long faded times. Founded in 12th century by the Saxons brought into these places by the Hungarian Kings, the city of Sighişoara is today one of the best preserved medieval cities of Europe. The charm and the historical value of the constructions and streets, led to their inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The city’s attractions are multiple, but, perhaps the most emblematic are ‘The Clock Tower’, ‘Vlad Dracul’s House’, ‘The Church of the Dominican Monastery’ ‘The School Staircase’ or ‘The School on the Hill’. Happy blend of history, authenticity and comfort, Sighişoara can be described in dozens of pages, but will never be fully understood and savored unless it is visited and enjoyed.