Therme The largest thermal wellness center in Europe

The thermal waters of our lands have been known since Roman times and are spread throughout the country. Mineral waters, salt lakes and hot springs – you can find them all here.

Located just 20 minutes north of Bucharest, Therme is the largest thermal wellness and indoor entertainment center in Europe. It is also home to the biggest urban beach on the continent. Pools containing thermal waters rich in mineral salts, zinc, selenium, magnesium, cooper or calcium, diverse flavored dry or steam saunas, massages, Jacuzzi is, aromatherapy sessions, peeling or body honey packs are all designed to immerse its visitors in the much-needed peaceful state of mind and body.

Therme Bucharest hosts the most generous and diverse botanical gardens in the country, with thousands of exotic plants, including the rare Tree of Life.

Open all year round.