ARTS AND CRAFTS Baia-Sprie, Maramures County, Romania

Set in the historic quarter of Baia Sprie, Arts and Crafts Guesthouse is surrounded by a breathtaking landscapes. Guests can experience the traditional ceramic pottery crafts at the onsite pottery school.

All rooms have private bathrooms with showers. They have wooden beams and a traditional, rustic-style décor with solid, dark wood furniture.

The artist’s intention was that to create for the people who want to come and participate in the creation camps, the living conditions of the potter from the past. In a world where technology takes possession of life, the potter artist must stay close to his roots.


1 double rooms
3 twin rooms
1 triple room


  • Pottery workshops
  • Wooden churches in Plopiș, Bârsana, Surdești