Grand Tour of Romania

Grand Tour of Romania

Why Romania? Because it’s one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. No jurney to Eastern Europe would be complete without paying a visit here. 

You will cross the country long and wide to reach the most beautiful places, most of them part of UNESCO patrimony.

From the Danube Delta where you will discover the Romanian wildlife to Bucovina known for its painted monasteries, unique for the exterior frescoes painted up to the isolated region of Maramures to admire the most spectacular wooden churches and to discover the unique ‘Merry Cemetery’, famous for the colourfully painted wooden crosses. Of course we will not miss the legendary land of famous Dracula vampire, Transylvania and the capital city of the country, Bucharest.

The locals, the culture and traditions, the delicious food, the legends and the landscapes are the special ingredients that will make your vacation one of the most memorable experiences.

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