Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

An insight into the
Romanian crafts
and folk art

An important asset of any nation’s culture is embodied in its folk art: traditional embroidery, loom weaving, woodcarving, leather crafts, pottery and many others. Romanian folk culture is no exception and has experienced a revival in recent years and is constantly being rediscovered and reinterpreted by local and world famous designers and craftsmen. A visit to a handicraft workshop is a journey to the origins of Romanian culture; in this sense, we will present below various handicraft workshops, which we recommend for creating unique itineraries.

Handicraft workshops options:  weaving, embroidery, potting, basket weaving, doll making, iconography, folk dancing, painting Easter eggs etc.


Potting is an occupation that the Romanians inherited from the depths of time from our ancestors since the Neolithic era. Being positioned at the border between craftsmanship and art, making clay pots combines the four sacred elements: water, earth, fire and air, which somehow, come to life in the talented hands of the Romanian crafts folk.

The historical Romanian heritage can be discovered through a great diversity of pottery centres, which happily awaits visitors who are eager to discover the art of pottery in their workshops in places like the ceramics of Maramures, Maramures County or Red Ceramics of Horezu, Valcea County and many others.