Alternative Accommodation

Alternative Accommodation

Authentic castles, manors and guesthouses

The standard of hotel accommodation in Romania is remarkably high by international standards, especially in the larger towns and cities.

Bucharest now boasts a multitude of good quality hotels. The city opened its first 6 stars property in 2018 and many new properties are due to open their doors in 2019.

The accommodation proposals on the following pages are for those looking for something less conventional, willing to relax at a peaceful 18th century castle, manor mansion or a  guesthouse, eat fresh fruits from the trees, learn about Romanian culture and enjoy homemade traditional meals.

We truly believe that in order to discover the real Romania and its people, one must experience the local sights and way of life by visiting its unspoiled  countryside.

In the past years, the locations in the pages below, have been carefully restored to recreate their original charm and have opened their doors to visitors allowing them to experience the rural life from ancient times and beyond.

Infrastructure in the region is not yet fully developed, so there is no technical perfection to be claimed. These locations are ideal for guests looking for rustic charm and original character.

We invite you to experience the real Romanian hospitality!